Our Beliefs

There are a number of characteristics of a Baptist Church.  See below to find out about what we believe and what makes us Baptist.


The authority of the Bible
We believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God. It includes 66 books with over 40 authors who were inspired by God to write. The books, like a library, have differing contents including law, history, poetry, prophecy, gospels (good news), and letters. It is through the pages of the Bible that we can discover what God is like. In the Bible the good news about God’s love for each of us is clear.


The Lordship of Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus is Lord; that there is no one more important than Jesus in human history.
In this we are no different from any other Christian Church.
Jesus is God with us; he is God’s way of showing us what God is like. And Jesus shows us that God is on our side for there is no better way to show this than by giving up your life for others.


Believer’s baptism
Jesus said believe and be baptised and so like many churches we practice believer’s baptism. When someone has made their own decision to follow Jesus they are invited as an outward sign of that decision to be baptised.
This baptism follows the practice that we find in the Bible of being totally immersed in water as a sign of being washed clean of all that separates from God and the start of new life in Jesus.


The church as the gathered company of believers
Together, the followers of Jesus are the church. Jesus as our Lord is the head of the church.
In this we seek to share together our developing journeys in God; to be there for each other during both the difficult times as well as the times of celebration.


The significance of the church meeting and the priesthood of all believers
We believe that each person is equally able to hear from God and is able to discern what God wants us to do. We have church members meetings ten times a year to talk about and decide on church matters.
We do not meet as a democracy, but with Jesus as our head we seek God to make his way clear and aim to reach a consensus of opinion.


The missionary task
Jesus called us to let others know about his good news, therefore as a church we are committed to holding events which allow the love of Jesus to be known.


Religious freedom
It was said of the early Baptists that they may disagree with what you say but that they would fight for your right to say it. We believe that God gives each person choice and in this each of us has the opportunity to make up our own mind about God.
That said we long for all to discover in Jesus the life that God wants each to know.


Churches associating together
Baptist churches are independent in that each can make its own decisions in how to operate.
We are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, however, which is a group of approximately 2,000 churches in England, Scotland and Wales who choose to associate together and to be there for one another.